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My 5-Star review of Deadly Demons by Adam Reese and Alexia Vice

Deadly Demons by Adam Reese and Alexia Vice

Series: Triple D #3
: Erotic Horror
Publication Date: November 12, 2016



*After a weekend of sex and murder, Nathan has discovered he is not the only one with sinister secrets and addictions. He is faced with accepting another woman in his life that could possibly be the key to breaking him from his own selfish ways. It has been a fun weekend for him, but now he must escape the law and find a new place to hide. Will he be able to continue living the life of deadly dominance, or will he fall in the hands of the police?

Adrianna is Nathan’s number one fan and ultimate love interest. She may appear to have a conservative shell over all of her clothes, but underneath it all, she is just as sex driven as Nathan. After she murders her friend Mandy and discovers her own deadly demons, she realizes a life with her favorite author is all she wants even if it means facing his past with… Mrs. Red.




My Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Adam Reese has done it again.  He has that rare innate ability as a writer to turn the reader against one of the main protagonists in just a few strokes of his pen.

I love Adriana, don’t get me wrong, but I also hate her.  She is a winey bitch. I mean come one!  She knew what she was getting herself into.  You can’t change someone like Nathan.  His scars are deep seeded. He needs an ally not a pet.

Insert Bethany, the cannibalistic badass. She will either be his savior or his undoing. Unconventionally paired together, they seek out Mrs. Red to put a stop to her before she gets to them first. 

Favorite Scene: I loved the ending  It was the edge-of-your-seat suspense that I crave.

Favorite Quotes:

I hate it that I don’t want to kill you.”

“Her eyes are lost in the depths of her depraved mind, and I am the master of her dreams.”


Adam Reese

Adam Reese is an erotic horror author from Georgia. He is the creative mind behind the “Triple D

Series” and currently creates book teaser trailers. His academics stemmed from the Art Institute of Atlanta, where he studied Audio and Film Production. For twelve years, he has written imaginative stories from science fiction, fantasy, and horror. 

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