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How to Write a Guest Post Guest Post by Jolene Cecil

Ladies and Gentlemen, my charmingly abrasive friend Jolene is back again. Hehe I kid I kid, ok?

‘Tis the season for guest posts.

A day doesn’t go by that I don’t see at least 5-7 bloggers or authors requesting for guest posters for their blog. Once upon a time, I loved having authors chime in on a subject or bloggers share their opinion regarding a certain topics. Not only did it make for an interesting read but I also thanked the guest poster with a nice little shout out and links to their page or books that they have written.

For many who sign up to be a guest poster they assume that all they have to do is pick a topic and write a couple sentences and boom you can give yourself a pat on the back and think that you have fulfilled your duty as a guest poster. WRONG. A couple sentences is not make a blog post. YOU KNOW THIS. You’re a writer!!

In my opinion, especially if your an author I expect more from you. You are able to produce novels therefore you can pull a few decent size paragraphs that are full of substance out of that creative derriere of yours.

A couple years ago I had put out a request for guest posters. I listed very thought provoking topics for authors and bloggers to participate in and I kid you not 40% of the authors that participated gave me the lamest pieces yet expected me to attach their whole media file of their recent cover reveal or new release to their “guest post”. Some even expected praise for their less than stellar piece. What they did get was a request for the rest of the post.

So before you click on the request form to become a guest poster follow these simple steps.

Ask yourself, can I produce a post on this topic that will be engaging, entertaining and something that I will be proud of? If the answer is yes then ask yourself:

  • Can I write on this subject for more than just a paragraph?
  • Do I truly have something to say on this topic?

Write what you know. It’s that simple.

I find that the words just flow when I write about topics that I know about. Divorce, I know about divorce. You won’t find me writing about how to have a blissful marriage because people who know me would call bullshit.

If you are given free reign over the topic that you can write about then be mindful of the audience that you are writing for. If your guest posting on a book bloggers site the chances of your post on auto engineering may not get many views or link backs to your site.

Spell check. It’s so simple….see that little button on the top of your screen with ABC click on that. I understand that if you’re an author you usually send your work to your beta’s or editor to catch your little mistakes but come on, it’s not our responsibility to proof your piece. That’s YOUR job.

Then once your post is up check to see if you have received comments, if so answer them. It’s so important that you interact with those who have taken the time to read your post and comment. This is a great way to increase your following as well.

But for the most part have fun with your piece, let us see a part of you that we really don’t get the chance to see. I still remember my very first guest post it was on What do stories mean to you. I was beyond thrilled to be part of this series and I spent days putting that piece together because I didn’t want to disappoint the readers and most importantly I didn’t want to disappoint the author of the blog, I respected him way too much to fail him.

I may have to share it with you all one day but for now have a great day!

Jolene Cecil

During the day I’m an allergy specialist but at night when the scrubs come off and the yoga pants slip on I become mom of my furkids and I tend to their every need. They are so flipping spoiled. But when I’m not spoiling them I’m either nose deep in a book, typing up a blog post, trying some new Kundalini yoga mundra or working on completing my very first novel.

Some of you may know me as Valley Girl Gone Country or as a book blogger. I’m still very much VGGC but my story has changed and so has my blog…..which is Ding Dong the Divorce is Done.  I’ve found my voice again! and as far as book blogging I’ve scaled that back quite a bit just because it was time to complete my very own novel and stop reading others.


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