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A Million Miles Away by Lara Avery Review


A Million Miles Away by Lara Avery

Genre: YA Romance
Publication Date: July 7, 2015



Perfect for fans of Nicholas Sparks, this breathtaking story of love and loss is guaranteed to break your heart and sweep you off your feet.
When high school senior Kelsey’s identical twin sister, Michelle, dies in a car crash, Kelsey is left without her other half. The only person who doesn’t know about the tragedy is Michelle’s boyfriend, Peter, recently deployed to Afghanistan. But when Kelsey finally connects with Peter online, she can’t bear to tell him the truth. Active duty has taken its toll, and Peter, thinking that Kelsey is Michelle, says that seeing her is the one thing keeping him alive. Caught up in the moment, Kelsey has no choice: She lets Peter believe that she is her sister.
As Kelsey keeps up the act, she crosses the line from pretend to real. Soon, Kelsey can’t deny that she’s falling, hard, for the one boy she shouldn’t want.


My Rating: 4 out of 5 Stars

Oh what a tangled web we weave
When first we practice to deceive. – Sir Walter Scott

I’m soooo conflicted about this book. On one side I want to strangle Kelsey for what she did to Peter but on the other my heart really goes out to her.

Kelsey’s twin Michelle is an inspiring artist with a new boyfriend that adores her.  When tragically Michelle dies in a car crash after dropping her boyfriend off to deploy to Afghanistan. Kelsey is distraught and tries desperately to keep her sister’s essence alive. So when Michelle’s boyfriend Peter Skype call comes through one night she plays the role of Michelle and doesn’t have the heart to tell him she is dead.

Told from Kelsey’s POV you follow her as she tries to morph into her dead sister.  Taking AP art classes and visiting the locations that Michelle often frequented. I was thinking is she is depressed or borderline crazy. When her best friend finds out her secret, she is outraged and demands that Kelsey tell Peter.

Kelsey starts to really have true feelings for Peter and her lies grow deeper and deeper.  She wants desperately to tell him but she is afraid that is she does she will lose him forever.  The whole time I’m thinking “Dang girl what a mess.” lol.

Favorite Scene: Paris
Favorite Quote:

She had gone halfway around the world to tell Peter that Michelle was dead but she couldn’t do it.  She couldn’t bear to tear him up, but it was more than that.


Lara Avery

Lara Avery is the author of Anything But Ordinary (Hyperion 2012) and A Million Miles Away (Little, Brown 2015), as well as the Director of Community Events at Revolver. Her work has also appeared in Bennington College’s anthology  plain china: Best Undergraduate Writing of 2009, The Onion AV Club, ARTNews, and Women In Clothes (Blue Rider Press 2014). 
Born in Topeka, Kansas, Lara studied film, cultural studies, and creative writing at Macalester College in St. Paul, Minnesota. She now lives in Minneapolis where she is at work on a third novel for Young Adults, as well as a fourth novel about women’s basketball for general audiences.
In her spare time, Lara enjoys painting the town gray with her Revolver crew, shooting hoops, and making playlists.

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