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-Harlow Kane-

She’s what you would consider a tom boy at heart. Sporting gym shorts and flip-flops over designer jeans.  Growing up in rural southeast Arkansas, she often jokes that her first pet was a mosquito.

She’s a lover of all things good and pure and currently resides in in southern USA with her husband, two amazing kids, and fur baby, Rocky.

She is a blogger, PR guru and now author.

She has always been a lover of books old and new.  Read Gone with the Wind at age fifteen and absolutely fell in love with reading ever since. Her reading was mainly limited to what the library had to offer. Like V.C. Andrews, Danielle Steele and Jude Devaraux. Since then, technology has made books so accessible but she loves the feel of the pages in her hands while the story unfolds before you.  She always buy her favorite books in hard copy so that if the apocalypse ever comes, she’ll have them.

If she’s not reading or blogging you can often find her spending time in the garden, drinking wine (duh) at night by the fire, working out or with the family at her cabin on the lake.

Life is good.

-Jolene Cecil-

If you’re looking for someone to sprinkle you with fairy dust and tell you that your book is the best thing next to Wisconsin cheese curds, wine and Jason Momoa, Jolene isn’t that girl. Some people may recognize her as the quirky, opinionated book blogger, Valley Girl Gone Country but to me, she’s my blog sister.

She has a thing for the bad boy vampires, the scantly clad highlanders, twisted but lovable shifters and pee your pants funny romantic comedies but she doesn’t sugar coat things….she will always give an honest review. Jolene is a bookaholic, book blogger , book reviewer and has helped many authors with editing and proofing their novels.

2 Responses to About

  • Hi Harlow and Jolene,
    I am trying to follow proper book etiquette and introduce myself…I am Patricia Catacalos, an author of 20 novels and novellas (historical romance and historical mystery/intrigue).
    I am searching for bloggers with whom I can develop a friendly relationship and I was drawn to your blog because of its name! My ‘home is where the wine is’ to be sure!
    Please check out my website to get a better glimpse of who I am and perhaps, you would consider reading and reviewing one or more of my novels.
    Thank you! Patricia

    • Hi Patricia,

      Thank you for stopping by and introducing yourself. Harlow and I are always looking for new book (and wine) suggestions. Your book, An Appealing Apparition seems quite intriguing that I book it on my list for books that I need to check out.

      I hope you have a great weekend!

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