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Author Spotlight: Lynn Mullican

Lynn MullicanLynn Mullican

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Lynn Mullican was born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona. When not spending time with her family and friends, she locked herself in her bedroom and occupied her time writing. She has written short stories, plays, poems and novels. Until the publication of her first novel, Bad Elements: Crystal Dragon, she has published several poems, including Possession-Obsession, Mother!, A Baby Poem, and several more.

Lynn’s writing is dark, edgy and a bit twisted. Bad Elements: Crystal Dragon is a unique tale of one woman’s journey through the vampire and werewolf infested underground fighting circuit.

Bad Elements: Crystal Dragon created many sleepless nights for her and her husband. On several occasions, she awoke her husband in the middle of the night to write down inspirational ideas, characters and sub-plots. Some nights she would stay up late writing, or lie awake for hours, mulling over ideas in her head. And with that said, Bad Elements: Crystal Dragon was born.





Books by Lynn Mullican
The Hybrid Unleashed (Bad Elements Book 3) 
Blood for Blood: Bad Elements Crystal Dragon (Bad Elements Book 1)
The Awakening Bad Elements: Crystal Dragon (Volume 1) Bad Elements: Blood for Blood (Volume 2)
Sacrificial Blood


Author Interview


The blah blah questions…

Name a fun fact about yourself that most people don’t know about.
The main character Crystal in the Bad Elements series was modeled after me.

What projects are you working on at the moment?
Well, I finally finished Bad Elements series, The Hybrid Unleashed, so I’m getting ready to jump back on my religious horror novel The Shadow of Evil. Plus, I’ve already started a fourth installment in the Bad Elements series titled Rise of the Underground, and I’m also debating on a prequel to Crystal Dragon. So, I’ll be working on those.

Plus, I have a few short stories in the works. I’d give you titles to them but I don’t have all of the titles worked out just yet.

Also, for those who have read the Bad Elements series, I’ve started a spinoff series which is more of a young adult story vs. the adult Bad Elements series. I’m super excited to get that off of the ground! The covers for both books have already been made and they look awesome!

Do you prefer ebooks or print format?
I prefer print. I love the feeling of a book in my hands.

Is writing your full-time job? If not what do you do?
Unfortunately, it’s not. I’m a Research and Statistical Supervisor for the State of Arizona. I do Federal work for the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

How long have you been writing?
Oh, you’re forcing me to almost divulge my age. LOL! Well, I’ll just say about 40 years. I did take some time off of writing when I was raising my kids. I didn’t have a lot of time to write then.


Let’s have some fun…

How tall are you?
I’m five foot one and a half inches. Need to throw the 1/2 inch in there ya know.

What time do you wake up and go to bed?
During the week, I go to bed at 8:30 at night and wake up at 4:00 a.m. On the weekends, I may stay up a little later if I’m lucky. Generally, I’ll wake up about 7:30 on the weekends and that’s my sleeping in.

Favorite Color?

Coffee Lover?

Wine Lover?

Tell me an embarrassing moment.
So, my adult daughters and I were up late one night drinking some wine and watching movies at home. After the movie ended, an advertisement came on the TV for an exercise machine. We talked about it and thought yeah, that would work. That would be a great way to lose weight!

(Now keep in mind, I’m pretty toasted.) So I prop my hand on the couch to get up (I’m going to get my wallet so I can order this machine). The bottle is empty and is directly under me, and I’m already calling the company.

My hand slips off of the couch and I fall going face down onto this bottle that is standing up. It smacks me right in the nose at the same time the lady picks up on the other end of the phone. I’m sure all she heard was &*(^^, my nose! Oh my God, I think I broke my nose! Oh my God, it hurts!

The lady kept asking if I was alright and I just kept screaming about my nose. I thought I broke it, meanwhile I’m still going for my wallet. My daughters are laughing at me and I’m telling this lady. “I don’t know, I think I just broke my nose on a wine bottle.”

Needless to say, I didn’t make it very far. My oldest daughter kept asking me if I was alright meanwhile she’s in tears laughing at me.

I finally just hung up on the rep on the phone. I didn’t need the machine that bad.

Thankfully, my daughters were the only ones there, except for the rep on the other end of the phone. I can only imagine what she was thinking. Also, thankfully my nose was not broken.

So, the moral of this story is, don’t mix wine with working out. It doesn’t work.

(And, yes I’ve seen the video of exercising and drinking wine. Don’t do it! I’m telling you, don’t do it.)

The OMG I know she didn’t questions.

Ever stop to think and forget to start again?
Yes, I think that’s part of being a writer. Wait, that might be age settling in. LOL!

Do you do the hokey pokey?
Yes, I do, although I prefer it with my husband. (Winks)

How many fingers am I holding up?
Two. Wait, I might be seeing double after that third glass of wine. I know, I know, I’m a lightweight.

Finish this sentence. Life is too short too…
So, have some fun with it.

Do you think you are good looking?
Yes, but I keep my attitude in check.


The “This girl is currently hitting the wine bottle too much by asking me these questions” questions.

If you woke up one morning with a penis (or vagina) what would be the first thing you would do?
Hmm, I’d probably scream first, wondering what the hell happened. Then, curiosity would probably settle in and I would have to play with it. 😉

If an random stranger (hot one I might add) walked up to you and kissed you what would you do?
Kiss him back and then tell my husband it was the stranger’s fault I responded. LMAO!

If your sexual appetite was an body of water, what kind of body of water would it be?
An ocean! I have a lot of it and it needs to be fulfilled.

Finish this sentence. I would marry a guy/girl on the spot if he/she…
What he was getting into with me. I think my husband figured it out.

Do you love Home Is Where the Wine Is Book Blog?
Yes! I don’t normally get questions like this, so we need to do this more often, so we can get to know each other better. 😉

Anything else you would like to add?
I’m having a lot of fun with these questions. Are you sure you’re done?


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