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Author Spotlight: Zachary Chopchinski aka “The Bow Tie Author”

Zachary Chopchinski

Zach is a bow tie wearing, formal vest rocking, pocket watch using, sarcastic monster of a writer. Currently residing in Orlando, Florida, he spends his days working, writing and procrastinating.
Zach is the author of the Gabrielle series, a young adult fantasy with a paranormal-historical-time traveling twist (try saying that five times fast).
Zach has multiple college degrees, in the fields of criminal justice and criminology…because he wanted to catch ALL the bad guys. Now, coupled with being an author of young adult fiction he spends his days yelling at people for breaking regulatory laws.

Author Interview

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The blah blah questions…

Me: Name a fun fact about yourself that most people don’t know about.

Zach: I like Drag Queens

Me: Why does that not surprise me…
What projects are you working on at the moment?

Zach: Finishing up The Gabrielle Series, then jumping right into Webley and the World Machine

Me: Is writing your full-time job? If not what do you do?

Zach: I wish. However, I am an environmental safety specialist with Walgreens

Me: This cracks me up.  I’ve seen how you play with guns.
How long have you been writing?

Zach: My whole life!!!

Let’s have some fun…

Me: How tall are you?
5′ 11″

Me: What time do you wake up and go to bed?
Bed time is 9 sharp. Wake up at 6.

Me: Crack that whip Layla! hehe
Favorite Color?


Me: Coffee Lover?
: Yes

Wine Lover?

Me: Tell me an embarrassing moment.
The time I was “free balling” in a department store and my pants dropped.

The OMG I know she didn’t questions.

Me: Pics or it never happened!
Ever stop to think and forget to start again?

Girl all the damn time.

Do you do the hokey pokey?
ZachI used to, but I turned it all about.

Me: How many fingers am I holding up?
ZachJust the middle one…

Me: Finish this sentence. Life is too short too…
ZachFake an orgasm? Wait! Not drink wine. Wait…both?

Me: BOTH!!!!
Do you think you are good looking?

Zach: I mean (flips hair) maybe…

The “this girl is currently hitting the wine bottle too much by asking me these questions” questions.

Me: (insert eye roll)
If you woke up one morning with a vagina what would be the first thing you would do?

See if I can suction cup to the shower wall.

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Me: LMFAO only you…
If an random stranger (hot one I might add) walked up to you and kissed you what would you do?

Hope they didn’t have mouth herpes.

Me: Or hope Layla doesn’t find out…she knows how to hide bodies…just saying.
If your sexual appetite was an body of water, what kind of body of water would it be?

ZachAnything wet and salty. BOOM!

Me: Salty?
Finish this sentence. I would marry a guy/girl on the spot if he/she…

Did the sex to me…. isn’t that how it works?

Me: *opens mouth to say something then closes* I have not words…
Do you love Home Is Where the Wine Is Book Blog?


Me: Anything else you would like to add?
I am much weirder in person.

Me: Trust me I know lol!

Books by Zach


The Curious Tale of Gabrielle: Gabrielle #1 Curiosity and The Hounds of Arawn (Gabrielle Book 2) Curiosity and The Sentient's Oblation (Gabrielle Book 3)



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