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Away From Here by Christopher Harlan review

Away From Here by Christopher Harlan

Genre: Young Adult Romance
Publication Date: April 24, 2017


When I was seventeen years old there were only three things that I knew for certain: I was a mixed up mixed kid, with weird hair and an unhealthy love of comics; I wanted to forget I’d ever heard the words depression and anxiety; and I was hopelessly in love with a girl named Annalise who was, in every way that you can be, a goddess. What can I say about Anna? She wasn’t the prom queen or the perfect girl from the movies, she was my weird, funny, messed up goddess. The girl of my dreams. The reason I’m writing these words.

I’d loved Anna from a distance my junior year, afraid to actually talk to her, but then one day during lunch my best friend threw a french fry at my face and changed everything. The rest, as they say, is history. Our History. Our Story. Annalise helped make me the man I am today, and loving her saved my teenaged soul from drowning in the depths of a terrible Bleh, the worst kind of sadness that there is, a concept Anna taught me about a long time ago, when we were younger than young. So flip the book over, open up the cover and let me tell you Our Story, which is like Annalise, herself – complicated, beautiful, funny, and guaranteed to teach you something by the time you’re through. Maybe it’ll teach you the complexity of the word potato, something I never understood until the very last page.


My Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Disclaimer: I will admit to not being in the right headspace lately for romance. It’s been quite a while since I’ve read one.  That being said, when Chris reached out to me I was intrigued.  It was completely NOT the book he regularly writes.

Anytime an author puts a little piece of themselves on the pages, it brings them a little closer to being human to the reader. Click To Tweet

And Chris did just that…

Logan and Annalise.  Two young tattered souls trying desperately to be normal. Told in first person narrative.  The author did an amazing job keeping the reader’s attention.  I loved the little breaks and extra tidbits Here and there (see what I did there?).

Yes, the story has been told numerous times before.  Shitty upbringing, troubled pasts etc.  What Harlan does though is put a refreshing twist on the execution and bravo he even got a tear out of me towards the end.

I would highly recommend to anyone that wants a break from mainstream half-naked male cover romance.  A love story that is just that, a story and a damn good one at that.

Favorite Scene: The first time they declared their “potato” for each other. 

Real love is different, it’s messy.  This is a real love story, so read at your own risk.

You’ll lose her to There, where ever There might be.  She’ll go, not because she doesn’t love you, and not because she wants to cause you pain, but because Here is where all the hurt resides…

My book.
My love letter.
Our Story.
So, yeah…potato.


Christopher Harlan

Love stories. Whether it’s the love of a special needs teacher for her students, the love between two lost souls looking for sense in the world, the love of police officers for those they serve, or the first love of a mixed up mixed kid who just met his goddess, all of my stories are centered around themes involving that most complex of human emotions.

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