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My 5 star review of Becoming a Jett Girl by Meghann Quinn


If you only read one book for the rest of the year you MUST read this one! Oh dang I was hooked from the very first sentence!

“Where the fuck are my titty tassels?”

This book was unputdowable. Soooo much better then those grey books if you know what I mean.

Goldie has been working as a waitress at New Orleans strip club for nine years. She works her ass off only to have her tips stolen and never be considered “good enough” to work the stage.

My Goldie

Only escape she gets is her strange relationship she has with Rex Titan. A very sexy handsome rich and powerful man. Two catches though. He is married and he pays her for sex.

When Jett Colby’s business cards start popping up around her she is a little upset about her invasion of privacy until her roommate Lydia tells her she is a fool to not become a Jett girl. Which entails all of her expenses paid as well as past debt. She finds herself desperate and finally calls the number in the card.

That is where she meets Kace (I sooooo love him! and hope he gets his own book someday). The super hot second man to Jett. She accepts his offer and that’s when she begins the whirlwind affair that is part of being a Jett girl.

My Kace

My Jett (RIP PAUL!)jett

She instantly becomes friends with Kace and the other Jett girls. An Hell together they cracked me up till where I almost peed my pants. I loved them girls.

“And your tit has been hanging out for the last ten minutes,” Babs said, while poking my bare breast.  I looked down and opened my mouth in shock. “How dare you come to the party uninvited? Bad titty!”

Jett is addicted to Goldie aka his Little One. With her petite frame and feisty mouth, Kace warns him he is getting in over his head.

Too late. He can’t get enough of her. But when Rex enters the picture everything changes.

She doesn’t know who to believe. She is forced to make a decision but will it be the right one?

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