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Blog Spotlight: Lacing Shadows: Anthology

Lacing Shadows: Anthology

by Tina Smith, Andrea Stanet , Laurie Treacy, Lee Ryder, Alexia Purdy

Genre: Adult Paranormal
Publication Date: August 27, 2014
My overall rating: 3.5 stars!



I have never read an anthology. I will have to read more now.  The short stories were amazing and very well written. I reviewed each of them separately.  Some I loved and some I just liked.  I would recommend this book to all of my paranormal lovers out there!

Spirit of the Wolf

Asia is a freshman in college with a very clingy boyfriend.  She takes off on a jog, alone, to clear her head.  That is when she runs into Nadi and her dog Nubi.  Asia instantly girl crushes on Nadi and hopes that one day she will run into her again.  Well after a very interesting dream she goes out of a very early morning jog and finds Nadi again.  This time they swap numbers and soon become close friends.  Meanwhile the clingy boyfriend, Jesse, is getting even extra clingy.  When the truth comes out about Nadi and her family, and her boyfriend Jesse will Asia be able to handle it?

My rating: 3 out of 5 stars.
Thoughts: I wish there would have been little more “steamy” parts but overall I was surprised by the depth and complexity in this short story.


Eternal Guard

Farren is desperate to end her life so she attempts to jump off a bridge one night.  Only to be save d by Joe, the handsome vampire. The vampire Cyrus wants her dead and will stop at nothing to drain her.  Something drawls Farren to Joe.  He will fight anyone to try to keep her safe.  She finds herself falling for him.  Together they fight the vampires but will they be able to stop them?

My rating: 2 out of 5 stars
Thoughts: Oh man the ending KILLED ME.  I so wanted this story to be different.  The writing kept you a the edge of your seat the entire time.  The chemistry between the two was explosive.

Into the Dark

Holly returns home for the holidays from college where she finds the house empty.  A note on the fridge explains that her grandmother had a stroke and that her mother and father would be away for a few days.  Holly decides to make the best of it and with her dog Chewie they venture out in the snow for a walk.   On her family’s property she finds a strangely dressed man.  She assumes he is drunk but when she see his pointed ears and injuries she knows she is dealing with a  lot more than a drunk.

With the help from a snow mobile she manages to get the stranger into her family room and does her best to bandage up his wounds.  He is strikingly familiar to her.  When a very beautiful woman appears in her family room yelling accusations at her.  She then realizes the truth of the fae and that the man?  is in fact a fae prince that was attacked and the woman is his sister.

The house fills up with fae and talks about an uprising are overheard.  Holly is somehow left to care for the prince by herself.  She nurtures him back to health and when he gets better does she learn to real truth of herself and those she loves.

My rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Thoughts:  This is my first fae story (other than True Blood lol).  I loved this story.  I wanted to jump into the virtual pages and live it.  Very Very well written.  The author gives you just enough to entice you to keep reading.  I was actually sad when it was over.  Will read more from Laurie Treacy.

The Unspoken Truth

Lena has been able see ghosts since she was five. She decided to study parapsychology in college.  That is where she meets her soul mate Jackson.  Together they work as detectives.   Lena starts seeing a ghost named Jessica and having visions at night about her life as a mail order bride.  Steven is Jessica’s husband who is suspected to have killed Jessica.  Together Jackson and Lana must dig through old files to unravel the truth behind the murder of Jessica and finally let her soul rest.

My rating: 2 out of 5 stars

Thoughts: I was a little confused by this story.  It jumped around from Lena and Jackson’s marriage to the cold case file of Jessica.  That being said I felt something’s were placed in the story just to pad the pages.  I was intrigued by the mystery behind the cold case and the way the author ended it was brilliant.  stu

Spinning Scars

Ruby is intrigued by her new classmate.  With his hoodie, avoiding stares and strange scares.  She has become social over the years.  After losing both her parents in a car crash and moving from foster home to foster home she has learned to adapt.  Getting her own apartment, student loans and a job at the local diner.

Mathias is immortal.  After spending the last one hundred and fifty years alone he decides to sign up for college.  His first day he meets Ruby.  He is drawn to her.  Her smell…her voice.  When he finds that she lives two doors down from him the two strike up an immediate connection.

When he tells her the truth about him and his scars she doesn’t run away like most do.  Instead it drawls them closer.  Little does he know the truths behind her past as well will make them have to make very tough decisions.

My rating: 3 out of 5 stars
Thoughts: I really liked this one.  There were quirky parts that I could have done without but overall I enjoyed this quick read.

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