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Paranormal Romance

My review of Shattering Halos by Sunniva Dee

review1.pngWhat if you could meet your guardian angel?  And what if he looked like this?

gabriiel2 That’s exactly what happened to Gaia after a horrific car accident that killed all of her friends.  At first she thought was was hallucinated until that faithful kiss.  He was real, he smelled real, he felt real.

Once she found out Gabriel’s true identity she was in awe of his beauty.  He was sex on a stick.  Every woman alive craved him.

Only thing is she was never supposed to see him.  Heaven will most likely punish him for saving her from the car accident.  The evil are joining together to over throw the balance between Heaven and Hell once and for all.  Gabriel with the help from Michael and his brothers must fight for what is pure and good before billions of demons are released on earth.  Gaia finds herself in the middle of a war.  Feathers start flying (lol sorry I had to say that.)  Will they be able to stop them in time and will Gaia and Gabriel be able to finally be together?

Blog Spotlight: Lacing Shadows: Anthology

Lacing Shadows: Anthology

by Tina Smith, Andrea Stanet , Laurie Treacy, Lee Ryder, Alexia Purdy

Genre: Adult Paranormal
Publication Date: August 27, 2014
My overall rating: 3.5 stars!



I have never read an anthology. I will have to read more now.  The short stories were amazing and very well written. I reviewed each of them separately.  Some I loved and some I just liked.  I would recommend this book to all of my paranormal lovers out there!

Spirit of the Wolf

Asia is a freshman in college with a very clingy boyfriend.  She takes off on a jog, alone, to clear her head.  That is when she runs into Nadi and her dog Nubi.  Asia instantly girl crushes on Nadi and hopes that one day she will run into her again.  Well after a very interesting dream she goes out of a very early morning jog and finds Nadi again.  This time they swap numbers and soon become close friends.  Meanwhile the clingy boyfriend, Jesse, is getting even extra clingy.  When the truth comes out about Nadi and her family, and her boyfriend Jesse will Asia be able to handle it?

My rating: 3 out of 5 stars.
Thoughts: I wish there would have been little more “steamy” parts but overall I was surprised by the depth and complexity in this short story.

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Blog Tour: Violet Storm (Modi #1) by Anna Soliveres

Violet Storm by Anna Soliveres
(Modi #1)

Publication date: March 28th 2014
Genres: Science Fiction, Young Adult


Several hundred years into the future, The Cleansing, known to some as the End of Days, forced the government to create Arks to shelter its people. When Earth became habitable again, new territories rose up from the ashes: Agria, the City of Light, and the Outer Boundaries. For a while, they lived in peace.

A brilliant surgeon known for his invention of Modi’s—the only cure for the deadly disease, vaincre—has gone rogue with his experiments, and the Monarchy is desperate to shut him down. That’s where Aeva Storm comes in, a champion athlete with an ego to match. Aeva is the surgeon’s secret weapon against the Monarchy. And they’ll never know what hit them. After reconstructing her body to become a Modi unlike any he’s ever created, Aeva is forced into a fight against all odds. She’ll have to break loyalties, hurt family, and turn her back on newly awakened love. Thousands of lives hang in the balance in a battle that will set forth a new era.

Join Aeva on her quest to see whether she’s got what it takes to go up against the most powerful humans ever created.

Amazon | B&N



AnnaAnna Soliveres has always been a storyteller but it wasn’t until her early twenties when she began writing novel length works. The result was an enthusiasm to get better at the craft until her work could be shared with the world. Releasing in March 2014, VIOLET STORM is her debut novel. Anna is currently working on another young adult sci-fi series, titled SNOW DOLLS, set to release in late 2014. To learn more, please visit her at

Author links:

Website  | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads




5 ++++ Action Packed…COULD NOT PUT THIS BOOK DOWN stars!

Aeva Storm is a champion Fila player from Agria.  The last she remembers is she is struck by lightning while playing and wakes in a strange place.  She is told her city is destroyed and everyone perished with it.  Including her family.  She is devastated and goes to find the city to search for her family.  Along the way she meets Karth who assists her in her travels.  Despite their attraction for each other, they don’t necessarily get a long and part ways.

She discovers Agria in ruins.  Her family is presumably dead and the only thing that resembles anything is her old Fila field.  Karth has followed her and together they are attacked.  She is taken by the Alliance Rescue Team.  A team formed to assassinate the Monarch that resides at the City of Light.  They believe is responsible for destroying Agria.

Aeva learns of a secret weapon and agrees to assassinate the Monarch.  She befriends a man named Ruven.  Where she learns of the Modis, humans that go through scientific modification,  and that she is one of them.  Modified against her will.  She is only beginning to lean the depths of her modification…

She learns that she cannot trust the Alliance.  She finds they are keeping Karth and with the help from Ruven she helps him escape.

They flee to the outer limits of the City of Light she finds her family alive.  They don’t recognize her and with her confusion she is attacked by a guard and drugged.  Only to wake up in the Monarch’s castle. 

Things are not as they seem.  She sets out of a mission to right what has been wronged.  Save her family, Karth and the Monarch but one man stands in her way.  When she learns that someone dear to her has been modified she knows she must act fast to save the entire city.

There were so many layers to this story.  It was absolutely fascinating to read. Take all the good things our of Divergent and Hungers Games and miss them up and BAM you have the Modi Series.  Only regrets is I have to wait so long to read the next one.   Amazing.  Read.

Blog Tour: The Other Lamb by

The Other Lamb, by Katie Young

Genre: fantasy, paranormal-horror
Publisher: Curiosity Quills Press
Date of Publication:
August 28th, 2014.
Cover Artist: Polina Sapershteyn

E-cover 1000

Incarcerated on Earth as punishment for breeding with humans, the Watchers found a way to escape. Zach is living proof of that…even though someone has cut out his heart.

When Zach turns eighteen he develops an insatiable thirst for blood, but he tries to bury his fears and go on enjoying his birthday. His best friend Kim has scored them tickets to the hottest gig in town. But a charged encounter with his idol, the enigmatic rock star known as Grigory, leads to a revelation that shatters everything Zach thinks he knows about himself and the world, and places everyone dear to him in grave danger.

Zach is a Naphil, the forbidden offspring of a mortal woman and a Watcher. When those who seek to destroy him snatch Kim, Zach is forced to embark on a journey of discovery spanning continents and ages. With the help of a mysterious stranger named Sam, Zach must unearth the truth about his parentage, find Kim, and discover who has stolen his heart…before he triggers the apocalypse.

Katie YoungKatie Young is a writer and occasional zombie movie ‘supporting artiste’. She also works in kids’ TV but wishes she were a rock star. She has various shorts available for download from Ether Books, and features in anthologies from Collaboration of the Dead Press, Angelic Knight Press, Indigo Mosaic, Song Stories Press, Static Movement and Fox Spirit Books. Her story, Atelic, was shortlisted for the 2010 Writers’ & Artists’ Year Book short fiction prize, and she is a regular contributor to the Are You Sitting Comfortably? story-telling events run by White Rabbit. Katie also writes TV reviews for The Cult Den. The Other Lamb is her first novel. She lives in South East London with her partner and a second-hand cat. She is not a natural redhead.

Find Katie Young Online:

Website | Facebook | Twitter  | Goodreads

Zach is your normal awkward teenager until his 18th birthday where he wakes up to strange cravings and a huge scar across his chest.  He has two normal parents and a friend, Kim who goes with him to watch their favorite band play.

Grigory is the singer of the band and Zach is mesmerized by his tall, dark and statuesque appearance.  Grigory senses something different with the boy and invites him to join him after the show.  Kim gets pissed and leaves Zach to fend for himself.  Grigory’s suspicions are correct and tells Zach that is he different…half angel half man and has had his heart stolen.  Oh and Grigory is a fallen angel, thousands of years old. Zach on the other hand thinks he is crazy and punches him lol. Little did he know the truths that would unfold.

Zach meets Sam and shows him some glimpses of his past and Zach learns about the history of the fallen and the dismiss of the Nepheal.  The four archangels will destroy him if they find him.  Kim is showing up on television acting all creepy and demonic.  Their parents are freaking out and things start to get even stranger.  Grigory is the only one with the answers so Sam and Zach seek him out only to find that there is a great history between the two.

Together they must fight the archangels for their life. 

OMG love love LOVE this. So much history of the fallen angels and the Book of Enoch that the author has researched. Oh  and some sizzling hot and steamy parts Winking smile CAN’T WAIT to read other books by her!

Review: Guarding Angel (Falling Redemption #1) by S. L. Saboviec

WOW what did I just read????

myrating .threestars

firstthoughtsVery in-depth.  A lot of story line to grasp. This was a looooong book and not the easiest reads but well worth it. Though at times I did want to stop I”m so very glad that I didn’t.  The world that the author unfolds is like none I’ve ever experienced before and probably never will again.

myreviewEnael is a guarding angel or Guardian.  She is assigned “Wards” to watch over from conception to death. Where she returns their souls to Heaven for reincarnation.  It’s during one of those assignments that she meets Kaspen, a Guardian over the soon to be mistress of Enael’s ward. She is furious that she cannot control her wards the way Kaspen can and is helpless to sit back and watch as Kaspen’s ward seduces hers.

Ok this part confused me at first.  They can travel from earth, heaven and hell. But there are several layers of each.  it is in one of these places in Heaven called the garden that she first meets Yasva.  A beautiful Muse angel that you could say was an old flame to Kaspen.  She is bitter for punishment the council has provoked upon her and revokes her place in heaven.  She is immediately stripped of her wings and connection to the source and sent to Hell to live out eternity as a demon.

As an angel Yasva was evil.  As a demon she is evil incarnate.  And she is J E A L O U S of Enael and makes it her mission to make Kaspen suffer.

They get assigned new wards to guard together and that is when you get to meet Tabitha, I actually cried for her and her tragic story.  Yasva does the unthinkable and the results make Kaspen fall..right into the clutches of Yasva.

Enael is determined to save Kaspen and put a stop to Yasva but the only one that can do this is Kaspen himself.  But he might be too lost to come back to her.

“I understand you’re Kaspen’s new plaything.” says Yasva
“Says the discarded toy.” The words slipped out before I could stop them, and Kaspen’s eyes went wide.

finalthoughts This is one of those books that I have a special shelf for called “ones I wish to read again”.  It’s like watching your favorite only gets better the more you watch it.
I wish there would have been as a little more intimacy with Enael and Kaspen.  As well as at times my head spun from the skips in time.  (years sometimes decades)  That being said I would recommend this to all of my paranormal fans.  But just note this will not be a book that you can approach lightly.  The amount of time and research that the author put into it is truly amazing. I think the readers could greatly benefit from a glossary of all the terms in the back.
Again thank you Samantha for letting me have the opportunity to read such a magical book.

Review: Azagoth (1001 Dark Nights #6) by Larissa Ione


 photo cuteyeah_zps5096d1a1.gif


 photo ohyeah_zpsccab7479.gif


 photo dude_zps34260173.gif

This was soooo much fun to read!  I mean seriously I was grinning like a school girl from the moment I started until the very last page.

I am in love with Larissa’s books.  And to think she used to be a meteorologist? She will make you fall in love with the grim reaper I MEAN COME ON! She is that good lol.

Anyway here is my review and some of my favorite quotes.

Azagoth is the grim reaper.  Sent down to capture and disturbe souls to hell eons ago.  He also has a very interesting side job.  Making babies with angels.  He gets sent seventy two angels a yeah that regardless if they want to or not he has to bed them per heavens orders.  He hates it.  He is lonely.  So he basically gives heaven the go to hell and requests a mate.  Well Heaven is without a since of humor and sends him Lilliana.  A  time traveling, warrior angel.  Tough as nails.  Though she comes with an agenda of her own.  Steal the chronoglass so she can return back to heaven and be forgiven for her past regressions.

Only problem is grim reaper is H. O. T. She starts to see the softer side of him and realizes she doesn’t want to leave.  Too late he finds out her dirty little secret and well you have to read the rest to find out.  YOU HAVE TO READ THE REST! Whew too good for words.  I’m as happy as Christian Grey in a Fredrick’s of Hollywood.

“Lilliana turned around slowly. “What happened? You seemed so relaxed and happy when we were in the desert, like you were a normal person and not the Grim Reaper. Now you’re extra…reapy.”
She cleared her throat. “Also, you’ve sprouted horns.”

“One corner of his mouth twitched. “Should I consider that a warning?”
“Just don’t be surprised if you find yourself riding a bolt of lightning if you piss me off.”
“I’m into kinky shit, so that works.”

Blog Tour, Giveaway and Review: Lily (The Blackwood Wolves Saga #1) by Bonnie Bliss


Title: Lily (The Blackwood Wolves Saga #1)

Author: Bonnie Bliss

Release Date: February 12, 2014

Genre: Urban Fantasy

goodreads-badge-add-plus-d700d4d3e3c0b346066731ac07b7fe47   Lily_Cover_ebook-2    


Lily Blackwood is torn between two strong men…

One, Wallace is her perfect idea of a partner, loving, loyal and handsome. The second, Bryn, is her true mate, the man chosen for her by nature and her family. Denial and naivety for nature’s choice, sends her into a rage of independence against the laws of her own destiny, family and her own father.

Wallace Kirk is assigned to protect the beautiful Lily since her birth…

His loyalties are tearing him apart. His own mate, dead, taken from him, fills his thoughts as Lily begs for his attention. She needs him, but not as much as the wolf that prowls in her flesh.

Bryn Kemp’s nature and need fill his flesh…

Yet his true mate, the woman chosen for him, denies her destiny. His battle for her and his own pride must overcome her feisty rebellious streak. Both men must fight for her in the throes of oncoming battle and she must make the right choice. A decision that will shape the war.

*Author note: this book was previously published under the title Blackwood: Lily by R.L. Kirk*    

Buy the Book

Amazon US | Amazon UK | Barnes & Noble



Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000031_00004]

Bonnie Bliss is the brain child of two authors. Bonnie is a husband and wife duo who have come together to weave stories of passion, action, betrayal, and ultimate surrender. They have discovered that mixing genres is their thing. Their tastes go dark, and they love to twist up sweet stories and make them a bit more tense and sexy. Bonnie writes in multiple genres with plans to dabble into more areas of fiction.

One is a Southern California native, the other was born and raised in Yorkshire, England. The husband spends his time giving the wife alpha males with bite. He is a man that needs to see his world in print. He has a panty melting accent, loves listening to music, watching Game of Thrones, and obsessing over Heisenberg. The wife spends her time writing strong women that evolve into their power, they don’t just come out guns blazing. She claims the song California Girls, by Katy Perry is totally accurate. She’s done everything from waitressing, customer service phone rep., Corporate Real Estate, and spent a pretty impressive part of her life working for the Disney Corporation—before finding her way into the publishing world with her husband.

Facebook | Goodreads | Website | Twitter

my reivew

OMG MOVE OVER WARD!  Here comes pure BLISS! 4 wolftastic stars!!!!

Lily is a beautiful women, she is a Blackwood, she is a wolf.  At a young age she was sent to live among the humans with her watchers Mike and Wallace.  Wallace and her over the years have become lovers but never mated…because she has been claimed by someone else.  Only she doesn’t know it yet. 

Bryn is a young wolf of only thirty.  He was Lily’s guardian when they were younger but left her when she was fifteen because he did the unthinkable.  She doesn’t remember him but he remembers her.  She is his and now he is back to claim her. 

Wallace lost his mate five years ago.  Heartbroken, he turns to Lily for comfort and believes that she could become his one day until Bryn enters her life again.

Meanwhile the Vampire king craves Blackwood blood.  The Blackwood women are slowly disappearing and Lily’s life is in danger. Can Bryan and Wallace put their differences aside to save her? 

I CAN”T WAIT to read the next one!!!!!!  A. MUST. READ. for anyone that loves paranormal romance.

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Cover Him With Darkness by Janine Ashbless

Holy bajesus! A million stars! I LOVE LOVE LOVE books that surprise the hell out of me!


Milja grew up in a small village in Italy with her father, a priest that watches over an ancient prisoner .  Their family has been doing it for hundreds of years and when Milja is seven she follows her father through the tunnels under the chapel that holds the prisoner.  Her father hopes one day she will marry and carry on the legacy as watchers.  Milja is infatuated by the handsome man tied to a stone alter and quickly starts slipping food and water to him.

Her father catches her and sends her off to America until she returns at twenty three after learning of her fathers sudden illness. Where , at the airport, she meets a very sweet and sexy Egan.  The Irish that seems to always show up to help her when she needs it most.


Compelled to finally save this beautiful creature once and for all, she sets him free.  Only unleashing him can she witness his raw power and primal urges.  Then she learns that she not only released the Archangel Azazel but she has also fallen in love with him.



Several priest hunt her down and try to reslave Azazel.  With help from Egan she tries desperately to save him.

TOTAL PAGE TURNER! I can’t wait to get my hands on the next (crossing fingers that there will be one…please please please!)



British erotic romance author Janine Ashbless likes to write paranormal and dark fantasy-themed erotica and has a lifelong interest in mythology, folklore, and history. A rising star in the paranormal romance and fantasy realm, she has won many writing accolades and has been published by HarperCollins and Ellora’s Cave. She lives in the North of England surrounded by dogs, bad weather, and books on travel.

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Till Death and Beyond by Lyn C. Johanson Blog Tour and Review

Till Death and Beyond

: Lyn C. Johanson
Series: Witch World #1
Genre: Adult Paranormal Romance
Publisher: Lyn C. Johanson
Publication Date: December 14th, 2013
Amazon | Kobo


Till Death and Beyond is a sizzling tale of two souls bound by destiny in a cruel plot to separate them forever…


Amira is the strongest witch on the face of the earth, with psychic abilities no others possess. And yet, she is but a slave to the whims of the gods. Forced to be born anew every time she fails in fulfilling an ancient prophecy, Amira is desperate to break the vicious cycle.


Plagued by the memories and guilt over his family’s demise, Raven lives for the sole reason of restoring his younger brother. And kidnapping a witch is only the beginning—for he intends to right the wrongs of his past by any means necessary.


While the gods might have planned for her to be captured, surrender is not something that comes easy to Amira. Yet one glance into her captor’s eyes, and she is swept away by emotions long ago denied to her. She decides to play along. For a while.

Despite the hatred Raven harbors for their kind, he is intrigued by the witch. One taste of her lips, and she becomes his obsession. Soon, he discovers that fighting against the passion they ignite in one another is futile. But as they strip each other’s secrets, a powerful force threatens to destroy them both.

For in this game of gods nothing is simple—the whole universe seems to conspire against them. And no matter how fiercely they fight, or what they are willing to endure to save each other … the path they travel is paved with loss.

Will they survive the ultimate test, if even their determination—to fight till death—might not be enough?

A computer science major, Lyn C. Johanson decided to leave the cold world of code lines and pursue her passion for writing romance stories. Now, she mostly lives in the world she dreams up. Except when her husband and sons drag her back to reality—where she enjoys photography, dancing, and spending time with her family.

 Facebook | Goodreads

OK OK OK hyperventilating here! If this is Lyn’s first book I can only imagine what the rest are going to be like!




Amiri is a witch.  Not just any witch though.  She is a witch that is destined to fulfill a prophecy.  One where she dies….over and over and keeps getting reincarnated.  She still has memorizes from her past lives.  Which entails all the heartaches, all the pain, and her powers keep getting stronger. She is emotionless.  A hardened version of her true self.

Raven is a warrior destined to find a witch to help undo some of the past torment that his family had to go through at the hands of one.  His brother is insane and all of his family is dead.  All he has is his hatred.  Until he captures Amira.  Her beauty draws him in.  He is convinced to feelings that he has for her is a spell, but no matter what he does he cannot stay away from her.

Amira knows it’s only a matter of time before the witches come to rescue her.  She doesn’t want any harm to come to anyone on her account.  So she places a spell where no one can find her.  Determined that her life is about to end.  She is chained to a pole in the middle of the village where a young girl saves her and also starts a chain of events she has no control of.

Lust…fear…emotions that she hasn’t felt in a long time. And all for the man that despises her or wants to.  Their attraction is kinetic.  You can almost feel it through the pages.

And by the way Lyn.  I LOVED Dazlog. I must have more of him. He is one hot demon.

Goddesses, witches, demons, immortals…you will not be disappointed in this book!

I am nothing, but a lonely sailor

Lost in the tangles of your flames,

Your bewitching smile would be my savior,

Your effulgent eyes would be my fate.

My world lies in your hands

My soul completely given.

I only ask of you to glance…

As if you treasure the heart I’m giving.

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Escaping Destiny (The Fae Chronicles #3) by Amelia Hutchins

Escaping Destiny
Escaping Destiny by Amelia Hutchins
My rating: 4 of 5 stars


+++++++++++SPOILER ALERT++++++++++++++++


I usually like to keep my reviews spoiler free but it is almost impossible to talk about this book without giving away some details (that most of you probably have already guessed).

 photo hordeking_zpsa1b773ab.jpg

Ryder never showed to save Syn from becoming the Horde King’s concubine. She is determined to win his affection so she can escape to be with Ryder. She has no idea she is pregnant with Ryder’s baby or that Ryder is actually the Horde King (come on you guessed this by the “beast” in the last book).

Together they try to stop her evil brother and find the relics to save the Faes.

Action packed and full of steamy hot…yep you guessed it.

Come on Amelia get those fingers pecking! I’m ready to read the next one!!!

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