The Weekly Spill

Google says I’m dying, the Dr. said it’s just a cold :/

F you germs F YOU!!!!

First off, I’m THAT person. The one that uses their sleeve to open doors, elbows to touch elevator buttons, etc. BUT, there is NO way to completely make oneself impervious from what I call the ten year old boy.

Sunday, I roasted a lamb with potatoes, carrots, and creamed spinach. Adorned my fluffy socks, Minion pjs, and settled in for a night of Beat Bobby Flay (don’t judge, I love that show).

Life was good. Then it happened.  Monday morning I woke up and thought, “Who sat an elephant on my chest?” Yep, I was sick.  I don’t get sick. I CAN’T get sick. Who will cook, clean, make lunches, run errands…?

So, I did the opposite of what most people would do. I thought I’m going to sweat it out.  Easy right?…WRONG.  Snot and sweat do not mix. Just saying.

That was Monday, today I’m happy to say I have control of one nostril..YAY ME! Which is perfect timing because I’m hosting a super bowl party to watch two teams I could givr a rat’s ass about.  I mean come on Brady RETIRE.  I’m tired of seeing is face.  Ok. Ok. I might be bitter since my Saints lost.  I’d have loved seeing Brees hand it to him but alas, at least I have the commercials to look forward to.  Always next year right?  Who do you want to win?

Ok, enough of snot and sports (it’s the same thing really hehe).  What have you been reading? I tend to jump from a hard non-fiction copy to ebook fiction.  This week I just finished Destiny of the Souls by Micheal Newton.  It was such a fascinating read.  I couldn’t put it down.

As for fiction, I admit to being in a funk.  I’m really over the half naked, biker, billionaire, MMA fighter types.

I crave substance and an actual plot.

So, I resorted to my favorite shelf and started reading the Artist Trilogy by Karina Halle again.  If you want adventure with a splash of lust and romance, you need to give it a looksie. BUT, I might just have to shelf it and pick up Webley and The World Machine by Zachary Chopchinski first though. The cover alone makes me go gaga.  Yes, I said gaga! And the inside is full of illustrations.  I can’t wait to get a hard copy (hint hint Zach).

As for me, I’m about to sign off and tackle the gym for the first time this week.  I have no idea how this is going to pan out.  Does this look like the face of someone ready to tackle the elliptical? (that was rhetorical) 😉

Toodles… see you next week!


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