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Guest Post: Why I Became a Writer by Jack Huber

I didn’t really have a choice — I have been writing since I was in grade school. During my life I have written (and had published) poetry, business articles, how-to guides, travel blogs and mystery novels. I have been a contributor to Poetic Monthly Magazine and a mentor for writers on support sites like “Wordmeisters, Poets and Writers Unite,”, Ryze, and others. I can’t imagine my life without writing and sharing my work.

Jack Huber

Jack was born in Southern California but now resides in Colorado with his wife, Nadyne, and their Cairn Terrier, Lucy. Jack has found a niche in the detective/mystery/crime/thriller genres with his Pat Ruger Mystery Series novels.

Jack also has several books of poetry and photography on the market and has been a Staff Writer for Poetic Monthly Magazine. His first poems were published when he was just 10 when two pieces submitted by a teacher were accepted by a literary magazine. Jack has since written poetry off and on throughout his life.

Being able to weave mysteries was unexpected but understandable, considering his influences growing up. Jack has always had a penchant for telling stories and he admired this quality in his uncle, Pat. No, Pat Ruger was not modeled after his uncle…

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 Pat Ruger: Native Species (Pat Ruger Mystery Series Book 3) Pat Ruger: Caribbean Shuffle (Pat Ruger Mystery Series Book 2) Pat Ruger: Children



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