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GUEST POST: Jolene Cecil

If you had a million dollars, what would you do?

The Barenaked Ladies seemed mighty generous in their song “If I had a million dollars.” I surely wouldn’t be handing my cash out to those extremes nor would I use it to buy anyone’s love. From what I learned, money can’t buy love and money isn’t an incentive for me to stay so don’t go flashing your green this way. I think the wasband learned that quickly when he said, “You should be thankful and more appreciative of me because when I die you will get my pension and retirement.” I’m sorry I wasn’t going to live in hell for forty plus years in order to reap that. Fuck that! Plus, with my luck he’d out live me.

But, this topic ….What would I do if I have a million dollars made me think a bit. First, I’d request two weeks off from work (yes, I will still keep my job) and take my close friends and I to a beautiful resort/spa and treat them to some much needed rest and relaxation…..on me.

Then, I’d donate a good chunk to several wildlife sanctuaries with the agreement that I could hang with the wildlife from time to time.You had me at hang out with wildlife…

I’ve always wanted a cute little cottage style home so I’d find the perfect one and build a breathtaking garden in the back so I could have a place where I can go and mediate and just be one with nature. Ohhhh also, I will have a place where wildlife can freely wander my property and find treats that I laid out for them. I really miss being able to feed raccoon’s. But squirrels will have to do for now.

Like this? <3

And lastly, I think I’d like to surprise a few people who are struggling in the Indie film and Indie book arena and help fund some of their projects…….anonymously. There would be no need for them to feel obligated to attach my name to their work or give me props. I don’t need that. Just knowing that they will be able to get their work out for all to see is better than any accolade. Plus, it will allow them not to stress or rely on their significant other for funding.

I know many may be surprised that I didn’t say that I would buy a tricked out car, shop until I dropped, get a boob lift No no no… lol or get Botox I might be guilty of this… Honestly, that’s not important. I’d be too worried if someone drove or parked too close to the car. Shopping just wears me out plus; I’m not all into the fancy expensive clothes. It doesn’t excite me like books do. And I really don’t need Botox, people are shocked when they hear that I’m forty four, “I thought you were in your late twenties.” is what I hear. I guess sleep and no stress does a body good.

So that’s what I would do if I had a million dollars. What would you do?

I’d first buy a wine seller…then buy a truck load of WINE.  Ok…ok.. I’d start up a wildlife animal sanctuary for one and then build a large commercial greenhouse where I could grow and sell exotic plants (that million doesn’t last forever). 

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Jolene Cecil

During the day I’m an allergy specialist but at night when the scrubs come off and the yoga pants slip on I become mom of my furkids and I tend to their every need. They are so flipping spoiled. But when I’m not spoiling them I’m either nose deep in a book, typing up a blog post, trying some new Kundalini yoga mundra or working on completing my very first novel.

Some of you may know me as Valley Girl Gone Country or as a book blogger. I’m still very much VGGC but my story has changed and so has my blog…..which is Ding Dong the Divorce is Done.  I’ve found my voice again! and as far as book blogging I’ve scaled that back quite a bit just because it was time to complete my very own novel and stop reading others.


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