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Harlow’s Head: Heart kiss my ass

“It’s difficult to see the glass ceiling because it’s made of glass. Virtually invisible. What we need is for more birds to fly above it and shit all over it, so we can see it properly.” – Caitlin Moran

Day seven: Oh boy…

I’ve been dodging this chakra like the plague. I know that it cannot be healed overnight.  There is a reason they say “matters of the heart”. So, I’m taking it day by day.  Journaling, meditation, and forgiving those who have hurt me. Trust me, that is not an easy task.  You see, if I wasn’t doing something for someone else and spent a little time for myself I felt guilty…selfish.  This whole frustrating process has finally taught me.

It's ok to put yourself first. Selfishness and self love are two different beasts. Click To Tweet

So, I woke up, drank my coffee, went to the gym, and now I’m sitting in a Jiffy Lube lobby writing to you.  My house is a mess, the stock market sucked so I didn’t bother day trading, and I haven’t even taken a shower (don’t worry I’ll stay in this corner, you stay in that one). Little did I know, self-healing starts with self love.  I’m not in this world to please others, yes I take care of my family, I cook, I clean, I run errands and pay bills, but that is not what defines me.  I am me. I am beautiful and ugly and messy and kind. I have to accept the good with the bad…dark with the light…high with the lows.

Healing the heart chakra.

Choosing love and not the kind you think.

I read this article about healing the heart chakra.  It told me basically everything I already knew but was busy ignoring about myself.

To love another, you must first love yourself. Click To Tweet

I had a very nasty habit of putting people above me on pedestals.  In the end of the day I have come to realize that we all bleed red so why am I’m self destructing myself?  I had come so dependent on being wanted…needed that I didn’t realize I needed to demand the same for myself.

First thing I did was end relationships and responsibilities that no longer served my divine purpose. Suddenly, I had time…extra time that I had spent doing things for others.  I was scared at first.  I don’t do idle well. I remember walking around my house thinking “now what?”. I dusted off my WIP and then my journal.

I’m happy today to say I no longer feel the need to please everyone to feel needed.  I’m happy to say I’m spending that extra time on me and it feels damn good.

Take time for yourself, if not other’s will steal it from you.

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