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Hydro (Aurelia Series, #1) by A.C. Waltower Review + Giveaway!

Hydro (Medium)Hydro (Aurelia Series, #1) by A.C. Waltower
Release Date: December 2014
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The year is 2091. 75 years ago, a nuclear war desolated Earth. The top 2% of the world fled to Hydro, a compound on the Moon. The rest of the population were left trying to survive on a barren Earth.

Seventeen-year-old Blake lives on Earth with his dad and little brother. When Blake’s father is given the grave sentence of terminal cancer, Blake decides to save his dad by sneaking onto Hydro and making a deal with Hydro’s council. In exchange for them saving his dad, he will give them the answer to everyone’s problem; the location of a new habitable planet.

The unexpected and unannounced arrival of Blake leaves many citizens with mixed feelings, none more confusing than those of sixteen-year-old Ziva. The more she learns about Blake and where he comes from, the more she learns that not everything she is being told about the situation on Earth in true, including those told by her beloved grandfather. Why has he been lying to her? And more importantly what is he hiding from her?

4 stars!

After the nuclear war of 2016.  Earth is left in peril.  The human population that maintained to survive not find themselves fighting starvation, rebels and dying of cancer at young ages because of the radiation.

Earth in it’s current state is all that Blake has ever known.  After seeing his mother die of cancer he refuses to let his father do the same.  Going over his father’s research he finds a planet that might be able to sustain life 

Taking this newfound knowledge he sneaks aboard a food cargo ship to Hydro.  Hydro is a facility on the moon where the fortunate have managed to live, cancer free, with electrify and modern science. Blake is taken captive and told that he must go to school and follow the rules that all the other teenagers on Hydro do until his scheduled council meeting where he will reveal the location of the planet in exchange for his father’s cancer to be cured.

Blake quickly makes friends with Ziva, the daughter of Hydro’s leader and granddaughter to Isom.  Isom is one evil bastard and has blackmailed Blake, threatening the life of his brother.  Blake must escape back to earth to save him but by doing so he risks not making it back in time for the council meeting and losing all hope to save his dad.

I really don’t want to say much more in risk of spoiling it but man PINS AND NEEDLES, PINS AND NEEDLES!

Action packed and very well written.  I could easily see this book becoming a movie or TV series. 


ac waltowerA.C. Waltower


My name is AC and I am an aspiring writer. I’ve always had a passion for writing, but find it difficult to write while juggling long hours at my day job. I, also, had to get the courage to publish my work, but this has always been a dream of mine.

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