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My 5 star review of Blossoming Flower by Vivian Winslow

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26246266BLOSSOMING FLOWER by Vivian Winslow

Series: Wildflowers #1
Release Date: October 19, 2015
Genre: New-adult Contemporary romance

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In the wake of the collapse of her father’s business empire, Flor, the gorgeous twenty-one year-old daughter of disgraced former Brazillionaire Gustavo de Lima, is forced to forge her own path in life. Flor decides that none of it—the private jets, the vacation homes and the luxury cars—were real. Or at least they really didn’t matter. The only thing that’s real for Flor is her love of horses and her desire to go to veterinary school. Heading into her final year of college, Flor seeks out the help of an unlikely benefactor to secure a summer internship working with horses. Arriving at the secluded Belo Horizonte ranch, Flor is awed not only by the majestic beauty of the place, but also by handsome cowboy and skilled horse trainer, Collin Taylor. Yet nothing is quite as it appears on the surface. When the hidden past is revealed, will love end up blossoming for Flor?  

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My Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

After her father empire comes crashing down his daughter Flor tries to escape the scandal by attending college in America.  Her dreams are to become an equestrian veterinarian.  Her love of horses is strong but her spirit is stronger.  In desperate need of a summer job. She finds herself approaching Mrs. Poppy Baron for work at her ranch in California. Now if you are an avid Vivian Winslow reader like I am then you know all about Gustavo and the Barons.  I have read them all and would highly recommend reading them before starting this series as it gives you a lot of history about the characters.

Flor never realized California could be this beautiful. Especially when she meets the very handsome and reserved trainer Collin as well as the stunning, confident Paco. 

Paco’s intentions are quickly known.  Even though he is beautiful she finds herself drawn the the boy with the dark brown eyes.  Collin is an enigma.  Soft spoken and reserved. It’s only when she is paired with him to assist in training does he start to open up to her. 

The horses, the ranch, Collin…it’s all overwhelming and her attraction for him only grows stronger.  When he kisses her she feels it.  When he looks at her she melts. 

But secrets come to head that could ruin them…when her father comes to the ranch…the biggest secret of them all is revealed. 

Does Flor have it in her heart to forgive them?  Or will she leave and turn her back on them forever?

Vivian’s writing is powerful.  You can almost smell the hay in the stables and the sweat from their bodies it’s so well written. Highly recommend reading any and all of her books.

Favorite Scene: The storm

Favorite Quote:

Chances are you will probably fail miserably.  But you have to try.  It’s the only way you will really know what you’re capable of—which at this point in your life, is everything. That’s the magic of youth.  You have plenty of time to reinvent yourself.”

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Vivian Winslow was born and raised in Southern California. Before becoming a writer, she made a career out of moving around the world every couple of years thanks to her husband’s job and her incurable wanderlust. She currently lives in New York City with her husband and two elementary school age children, and is grateful to finally have a place to call home for more than two years. New York is the perfect city to indulge her love of fashion, the arts and especially food. If she’s not at home writing or running around the city with her kids, you’ll most likely find her eating at the newest restaurant in her beloved Lower East Side or having a cocktail at her favorite bar in Alphabet City. That said, she’s still a California girl at heart and would gladly trade in her heels for a pair of flip-flops to catch a sunset on the beach.  

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