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My 5 star review of Jodi Vaughn’s new contemporary romance Lost Without You. Book one in the Cloverton Series

Lost Without You by Jodi Vaughn

Series: Cloverton Series Book 1
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publication Date: December 8, 2015

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A dark past…Grace Witherspoon’s old life in New York was slowly killing her. Daily abuse at the hands of her fiancé forced her to do the unthinkable: Fake her own death and leave the ballet world behind. Now with a fresh start in small town Tennessee, she finally feels safe— as long as no one finds out who she really is. The last thing she needs is the local cop hanging around trying to make-nice. Even if he is the hottest thing in the South, Grace is done with men.
A bleak future… Policeman Sloan Jackson is done with women. After catching his fiancée with another man, Sloan decides it’s best to focus on crime rather than love. Too bad his match-making sister doesn’t agree, determined Grace is perfect for Sloan. Despite his fear of being hurt again, Sloan can’t deny the instant desire he feels for Grace and asks her out. But as they grow closer, the past comes back to haunt them. And as secrets bubble to the surface, their new relationship is threatened, along with Grace’s safety.
When Grace’s true identity is revealed, can Sloan ever forgive another woman who’s deceived him?

My Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Ok Wow.  Jodi Vaughn, the princess of paranormal,  has written a contemporary romance that will knock your socks off or at least make you spill your wine.

Lost Without You, book one in her Cloverton series is beautifully written as one would come to expect if you have read her Rise of the Arkansas Werewolves series.  If you haven’t what rock have you been hiding under???

The heroine, Grace Witherspoon, is broken but strong, reserved but confident.  Moving to a new town to escape her past and hell bent to make it on her own (thank Garth Brooks for that line lol).  She finds herself in Cloveton.  A quaint small town where everybody knows EVERYTHING about EVERYBODY.  Boy she picked the wrong town is she wanted to go incognito lol.  Anyway where was I?  Oh yes well one day while walking into the local grocery she realizes that she cannot stop a moving car with her ass and gets clobbered. 

Behind the driver seat is Allison.  Oh Allison I loved her she is super sweet but clearly does not know how to drive lol.  She feels horrible about hitting Grace and sends her brother to check on her.

In comes the Hero, Sloan Jackson, (I love that freaking name!) Allison’s brother and town cop with his own troubled past. He is instantly smitten by Grace and her fierce independence.  But Grace is understandably guarded and Sloan is understandably reluctant to pursue her. 

So with some coaching (and wine) from Allison and her friend Tabitha (love her!) the two strike up a friendship but quickly realize that they are not meant to be friends.  They are meant to be together. 

She starts a job teaching dance and things look like they are finally improving for her but when secrets are revealed the town (and Sloan) turns their back on her.  Will he forgive her or will she be left beautifully broken? Ok that sounded cheesy but I just want to hug this freaking book!

Favorite Scene: The snake

Favorite Quotes:

In a small town everyone is family.”  Tabitha plopped down in her seat and pulled out the chair next to her. “Sit next to me, Grace.  That way I won’t have to pass the wine.”

”It’s been an hour and thirteen minutes since I’ve kissed you.”  Her heart caught in her chest. “You counted the time?” “No, I counted the minutes.”

Something in her shifted, cracking the barrier she had so carefully erected to keep others out of her heart.  One hot cop comes along with a sledgehammer of tender words destroying all those walls she’d built.

black and white author [89293]_thumbJodi Vaughn

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Jodi was born and raised in Mississippi. Her deep Southern roots and love of the paranormal led her to write Southern Paranormal novels. She currently lives in Northeast Arkansas with her handsome husband, brilliant son, adopted swan, and yellow lab that is fond of retrieving turtles when duck season is over.

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