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My 5 Star Review of Parker by David Michael


27763053Parker by David Michael

Series: Dick Dynasty #2
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publication Date: March 31, 2016



My name is Parker Hale and I single handedly brought down a Dynasty.
For me, life has been a study in bad decisions and worse results.
My party boy days landed me with one foot in the grave, but Rebecca Sloan pulled me back from that ledge.
She’s here for me when I need her most and all I do is disappoint.
I’m scared to lose what we have.
I need to fix this mess before it’s too late.
There are fates worse than death.
I’m gonna prove it.


My Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

This book is one of those rarities that made me laugh and cry. Seriously I was only 5% into the book when I almost spewed my wine out across the room.  Two words…Mitch and vagina lol!

Parker is one hot mess.  His life has been in constant turmoil caused by drugs and alcohol which, in turn, has landed him a one way ticket to the ER. 
His family has had enough and his mom places him on house arrest in hopes he will get his shit together. 

In comes Rebecca aka Becks.  Holly and Mitch’s best friend.  She sees something in him…a light, that every else thought faded years ago.  They start out as friends, but over time their soulful connection is inevitable.  Their first “encounter”  the “ginger Ninja” kicks his ass. LOL.

Parker wants to be a better person around her.  He wants to prove to his mom and brothers that he is a changed man.  Porter is warming up to the idea, Preston, however, thinks he is a lost cause. 

In the end there is a huge fight that threatens the boundaries of their love. I cried like a baby. 

David I hate you and I love you for writing this damn book.  I wanted to punch you in the arm on numerous occasions, for giving me so many feels. 
Bravo, David, Bravo.  You nailed this one and I cannot wait for Preston’s story!!!!

Favorite Scene:
Mitch and the vagina and when Becks pummels Preston.
Favorite Quotes:

“Becks?”  he asked as he hooked his arm through mine.
”What’s up, Pumpkin Tits?”
”Am I really the itch to your bitch?”
I couldn’t help but laugh at the pathetic tone in his voice.
”Always, babe.  You’re stuck with me like herpes.”

David MichaelDavid Michael

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David Michael is the author of The United Series – a five-book paranormal romance series – and the Dick Dynasty Trilogy. His passion for writing was born of his passion for reading. He spent his childhood escaping into the worlds created for him by authors and has always aspired to join their ranks. After the publication of his first novel, he couldn’t be stopped.
David lives in Salt Lake City, hates the snow, loves his pets (two cats and a dog), and more often than not can be found sitting in front of his laptop in his underwear hammering away at the keyboard (usually chatting on Facebook). He’s a firm believer that what you put out into the universe comes right back to you and always looks for the silver lining around the rain clouds in life.

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