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My review of Malediction by J.D. Lexx

Malediction by J.D. Lexx

Series: Crimson Confessions, #1
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Publication Date: March 20, 2016

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Some devote a lifetime to the endless pursuit of love. Others spend even longer trying to outrun it. Between the shimmering lights of Paris and New Orleans’ commercialized sin, author J.D. Lexx embarks on his latest hunt. Once content to walk blindly in the light, these days he prowls a different world, one of shadow and sensuality where flesh yields to the probing hungers of fantasy. Driven by painful reminders of opportunity left unseized, he roams, tirelessly seeking the next in a growing collection of Crimson Confessions.
Yet these tales of conquest and seduction which have brought such notoriety are merely bait for a more transcendent prey. The one he truly stalks is infinitely more elusive, and lethal in her charms. To win her over, and write the happy ending to this unfinished story, an infamous collector of secrets must now lay his own bare for all to see. Chasing a trail of enticing exploits stretching from Sin City to Prague, every stop leads him back to the beginning…and one step closer to her.

My Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

One day, a man will break through to leave his indelible mark.  And when he does, that man alone will own every inch of me, mind and body.  Until the last breath leaves his body.  In all our time together, I saw no reason why that man should not be you.

The story of the one that got away. Sounds simple enough right?

Part romance, part erotica, part WTF?.  Lexx has created a genre of his own.  Blurring the lines between reality and fiction.

Within a few short words, he managed to invade my thoughts and capture my soul. Craving his words to the point of obsession. Reading it twice, sometimes three times, in succession. Though my fixation was my own, I do recommend reading chapter one over after you discovered the revelation of his name in the end.

The writing was “perplexxing” beautiful and sexy as hell.  His words could turn a nun into a sexual deviant.  His journey was mine.  The denouement gave me chills.

I truly wept for Valeria. Her confession left me vacant…hollow. She sought the one thing that Lexx would never provide….human touch.  To feel wanted.  To feel loved. Two tattered souls forced to face a similar reality. Her pursuit will become her demise, as she wanders into the belly of the beast. 

This story owned me and in turn, I suppose you could say Lexx owned me.

Quoting the great Tennyson. “Tis better to have loved and lost, Than never to have loved at all.”

In the end, I reach one fervent conclusion. J.D. Lexx is an enigma, not meant to be understood, but rather consumed and I’m left starving.

My Playlist Recommendations:
Even Though Our Love Is Doomed – Garbage
I Can’t Go On Without You – Kaleo
Haunted – Maty Noyes
Gale Song – The Lumineers
Don’t Forget – Cloves

Favorite Scene: Valeria and Luc and the ending of course.
Favorite Quotes: I might as well quote the book in it’s entirety, but here’s few that stuck out among the rest.

Yet even in those tender years, there were peculiar forces at play, naturally opposing forces as polar as north and south, determined to strengthen our bond as we grew even closer while keeping us just out of intimate touch.

Out there, beyond the rain, hides tomorrow, and the end that I have chased for so long.  But to reach it means a detour into yesterday and the start, since forgotten, that has hunted me for even longer.

My wife is, and always has been, a submissive in alpha wolf’s clothing.

Author and provocateur.  Sanctuary of suffering.  Guardian angel and the devil in every detail, not to mention every bit as complex as he is infuriating.

”You want me to tell you my sins?”
”Absolutely not.  I want you to show me.”

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International attorney, award-winning journalist and last of a modest raconteur bloodline, J.D. Lexx has been a storyteller for most of his life and a student of humanity for even longer. Perhaps it’s no wonder that he takes such pleasure in the subtle tease of the written word, in kindling curiosity with every shared tale, then daring the imagination to continue on beyond The End.
A traveler by nature, Lexx spends most of his time between the frenzied streets of New York and the slower pace of New Orleans’ Vieux Carre´. When not exploring the sensual psyche through his writing, he can usually be found honing his skills in the kitchen or working alongside charitable organizations to promote literacy and tolerance– two causes not only reflected in his work, but forever dear to his heart.

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