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My review of Wanderlust by Thea Dawson


by Thea Dawson

Publication Date: February 10, 2015
Genre: Stand-alone contemporary romance


“So much for destiny. This was more like fate’s idea of a practical joke.”

Monica Prescott, writer and world traveler, has everything she wants … except a man who’s free-spirited enough to join her for a life on the road. But when she bumps into Jason, the guy who broke her heart in college, she lets him think she’s engaged. It wouldn’t take much to fall for him again—and that’s one road she doesn’t want to go down.

Jason Moretti has a job he hates, and he’d like nothing better than to tell his boss to shove it. Then he runs into Monica, the girl he never got over. Thinking she’s settling down with a wealthy fiancé, he reinvents himself as an ambitious career man in a desperate bid to impress her.

Old feelings start to resurface, but Monica has trust issues and Jason doesn’t like risks. To top it off, Monica is leaving for Bangkok in two weeks—and she won’t be back anytime soon. Time is running out for them to come to terms with the past and embrace their wanderlust


4 Wanderlustful stars!

This is how I felt while reading this book.  Such a warm and fuzzy heartfelt story.

Monica and Jason met their first year of college.  After Jason built up the courage to finally ask her out they fell deeply and madly in love.  Their relationship blossomed until Jason screws up royally and Monica moves to France to live abroad her Junior year.  Their young budding relationship never recovers and they graduate and move on with their lives.

Fate steps in ten years later in a coffee shop in Chicago. Monica has become a travel writer where she has traveled to over 100 countries.  Jason is an account rep and secretly hates it and wants to start his own company.

After their brief encounter she stalks him on the internet and finds out he is engaged.  She is heartbroken and decides to fake her own engagement to her very handsome and very gay roommate.

The feelings the two share are overwhelming and Monica is dying to tell him to truth.  Once she finds that Jason is not engaged anymore she is torn.  Does she tell him and hide in guilt and embarrassment or just let him think she is because she is leaving for Bangkok and will not be back for a very long time.  Time is against them and fate is on their side but will it be too late for these star-crossed lovers?

Thea Dawson

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Thea Dawson has lived in Rome, Tokyo and London and spent much of her twenties traveling around some of the more exotic corners of the globe. She was finally talked into settling down when her boyfriend proposed to her in Angkor Wat, Cambodia.
Now she’s stateside again and embarking on a new career as a writer. Inspired by the places she’s been and the people she met on the way, she plans to tell tales of romance and adventure.
Wanderlust is her first book.

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