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Review: Azagoth (1001 Dark Nights #6) by Larissa Ione


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This was soooo much fun to read!  I mean seriously I was grinning like a school girl from the moment I started until the very last page.

I am in love with Larissa’s books.  And to think she used to be a meteorologist? She will make you fall in love with the grim reaper I MEAN COME ON! She is that good lol.

Anyway here is my review and some of my favorite quotes.

Azagoth is the grim reaper.  Sent down to capture and disturbe souls to hell eons ago.  He also has a very interesting side job.  Making babies with angels.  He gets sent seventy two angels a yeah that regardless if they want to or not he has to bed them per heavens orders.  He hates it.  He is lonely.  So he basically gives heaven the go to hell and requests a mate.  Well Heaven is without a since of humor and sends him Lilliana.  A  time traveling, warrior angel.  Tough as nails.  Though she comes with an agenda of her own.  Steal the chronoglass so she can return back to heaven and be forgiven for her past regressions.

Only problem is grim reaper is H. O. T. She starts to see the softer side of him and realizes she doesn’t want to leave.  Too late he finds out her dirty little secret and well you have to read the rest to find out.  YOU HAVE TO READ THE REST! Whew too good for words.  I’m as happy as Christian Grey in a Fredrick’s of Hollywood.

“Lilliana turned around slowly. “What happened? You seemed so relaxed and happy when we were in the desert, like you were a normal person and not the Grim Reaper. Now you’re extra…reapy.”
She cleared her throat. “Also, you’ve sprouted horns.”

“One corner of his mouth twitched. “Should I consider that a warning?”
“Just don’t be surprised if you find yourself riding a bolt of lightning if you piss me off.”
“I’m into kinky shit, so that works.”

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