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Review: Guarding Angel (Falling Redemption #1) by S. L. Saboviec

WOW what did I just read????

myrating .threestars

firstthoughtsVery in-depth.  A lot of story line to grasp. This was a looooong book and not the easiest reads but well worth it. Though at times I did want to stop I”m so very glad that I didn’t.  The world that the author unfolds is like none I’ve ever experienced before and probably never will again.

myreviewEnael is a guarding angel or Guardian.  She is assigned “Wards” to watch over from conception to death. Where she returns their souls to Heaven for reincarnation.  It’s during one of those assignments that she meets Kaspen, a Guardian over the soon to be mistress of Enael’s ward. She is furious that she cannot control her wards the way Kaspen can and is helpless to sit back and watch as Kaspen’s ward seduces hers.

Ok this part confused me at first.  They can travel from earth, heaven and hell. But there are several layers of each.  it is in one of these places in Heaven called the garden that she first meets Yasva.  A beautiful Muse angel that you could say was an old flame to Kaspen.  She is bitter for punishment the council has provoked upon her and revokes her place in heaven.  She is immediately stripped of her wings and connection to the source and sent to Hell to live out eternity as a demon.

As an angel Yasva was evil.  As a demon she is evil incarnate.  And she is J E A L O U S of Enael and makes it her mission to make Kaspen suffer.

They get assigned new wards to guard together and that is when you get to meet Tabitha, I actually cried for her and her tragic story.  Yasva does the unthinkable and the results make Kaspen fall..right into the clutches of Yasva.

Enael is determined to save Kaspen and put a stop to Yasva but the only one that can do this is Kaspen himself.  But he might be too lost to come back to her.

“I understand you’re Kaspen’s new plaything.” says Yasva
“Says the discarded toy.” The words slipped out before I could stop them, and Kaspen’s eyes went wide.

finalthoughts This is one of those books that I have a special shelf for called “ones I wish to read again”.  It’s like watching your favorite only gets better the more you watch it.
I wish there would have been as a little more intimacy with Enael and Kaspen.  As well as at times my head spun from the skips in time.  (years sometimes decades)  That being said I would recommend this to all of my paranormal fans.  But just note this will not be a book that you can approach lightly.  The amount of time and research that the author put into it is truly amazing. I think the readers could greatly benefit from a glossary of all the terms in the back.
Again thank you Samantha for letting me have the opportunity to read such a magical book.

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