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Review: Never Been Kissed (Boys of Bishop #1) by Molly O’Keefe


myreviewAshley Montgomery has grown up in a political family.  Her father is a governor and her brother is a senator.  Her mother has always trying to mold her into “prestige” status but she refuses to follow in their footsteps.  She goes abroad to Africa to do relief work.  It is there that she is captured and held hostage by Somali pirates.  Her family plans to pay her ransom for her safe return.  In comes Brody.  He used to be her bodyguard until he was fired for being “inappropriate” with a then seventeen year old Ashley.  Well Ashley is all grown up now. ..and Brody finds himself protecting her in a small town in Arkansas, in a very small apartment over her brothers bar affectionately called the “Pour House.”

Tension rises when the media finds the whereabouts of Ashley.  Brody wants to keep her hidden but she will have none of that.  She wants to help people.   From his brother, his father…the whole damn community.  But can he keep away from her?  Or just let her go.  In the end it’s Brody that needs the help.

Very sweet easy read.  Thoroughly enjoyed it.

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