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Review: Only with You (The Best Mistake #1) by Lauren Layne

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3 stars!

Sophie is a platinum blonde bombshell.  She is also a law school drop out turned cocktail waitress. Her family is constantly on her case about her future and comparing her to her “perfect” sister Brynn.  In Vegas at her cousins bachelorette party she gets talked into dressing “slutty” for a night on the town.  She chooses her thigh high boots and after  an unfortunate turn of events, gets stuck on an elevator with the asshole ice king of a man, Grey.

Grey is furious that he gets stuck on the elevator with a hooker.  One that can’t see to get herself together.  From the crying to the falling on him…he is done.  He just wants to get away from the hellish women that could be a twin is his evil ex-fiancé.

Sophie is steaming mad with the arrogant asshole calls her a hooker.  Yes she is dressed like one but this is freaking Vegas!  She decides to put the whole horrible ordeal behind her but can’t.  Somehow being accused a call girl has opened up some wounds and made her do some serious soul searching.  So she quits her cocktail waitress job and is currently jobless.  To make matters worse her parents have no idea and they are all together to “celebrate” their other daughter (the perfect one) bringing her boyfriend over for the first time.  Enter second worse day of Sophie’s life.  Her boyfriends is the pompous ass Grey.  He is furious as well.  No only is girlfriend’s sister not a prostitute but she somehow his new assistant after Brynn’s plea that she needs a job.

The two lock horns immediately.  This is where I thought the book dragged a bit.  It took almost the entire book for these two to figure out they were crazy about each other.  Very well written and humorous.

The ending is SUPER sweet and I can’t wait to read the next book.  Will’s story! *Squeals*

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