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Review: The Destiny of Luke and Violet by Jennifer Sorensen


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3 stars!

It’s been awhile since I’ve read Jennifer’s books.  I almost forgot how beautiful she writes dark and intense romance stories.  This story was captivating.  Your heart goes out for these two broken beautiful people.  The entire time I was reading I couldn’t get that line from Rihanna’s song ‘Stay’ out of my head.


Violet is Callie’s roommate in college.  Her parents were murdered in front of her when she was six and since she has been from foster home to foster home.   Until Preston took her in and showed her how to deal and con to make a leaving.  He is only eight years older and since she turned 18 he has started wanting to become “more friendly.”  All she has ever known is how to take care of herself and to not let anyone in.

Luke is now in college with Callie and Kayden.  If he is not in class he is drinking and partying to dull the pain and abuse he carries from his mother.  His mother is a heron addict that since Luke was a very young age made him shoot her up because she didn’t like needles.  It royally did a head job on him as well as the fact that his douchebag of a dad wants to become part of his life again….yeah right.

Violet literally falls on top of him one night and his life has not been the same since.  He doesn’t understand what it is about this girl.  All of his friends thinks he is nuts but he seems not to care.  She is the most closed off, confusing, stubborn person he has ever met.  He wants to know her but she will not even tell him her last name.

When summer break comes both of them find themselves homeless with the only solution is to move in together.  Violet doesn’t know what she is feeling for Luke.  But just when she starts to open up tragedy strikes and she will never look at him the same. So she leaves…

Now HUGE F*ing Cliffhanger here.  Though I do like cliffhangers more than the average person.  Jennifer deserves an award in this category.  Let’s just say I’ve made a folder in goodreads called cliffhangers because of her lol.

I highly anticipate the next one.  Love her writing. She doesn’t sugar coat.  Jennifer’s books are the real deal.

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