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Sweet Reckoning (The Sweet Trilogy #3) by Wendy Wiggins

4.5 stars!  Wow what a great ending to a great trilogy!!!! Wendy sure does have a way of putting you on pins and needles.

But grrrrrrr I don’t like spoilers so I’m going to try to review it the best of my ability without letting any juicy details out and trust me there are A LOT!

Anna is getting ready for college and Kaiden is still in LA.  They still must keep their relationship a secret so other than the occasional text or video chat they don’t see each other.  Jay and Veronica broke up and she moves to Spain to study abroad and leaves Jay heartbroken.  Anna and her dad, the Duke of Substance Abuse, continue to try to gain allies to help fight the Dukes.

Meanwhile Kaiden’s dad, the Duke of Lust is growing impatient and wants to see if Anna’s virtue is still intact so he sends spies and spirits to follow her.  When that doesn’t work he sends his son to “make sure the job is done’.  After some compromising positions and close calls they get a much needed break.  Enter the twins…Ginger and Marla are back and Marla has her eyes for Jay and Ginger is pissed. Anna’s dad finds a way out (and a new body lol) to keep the Dukes from growing suspicious of Anna.  OK OK I loved this part.  I can’t really go into details but man it was good!

The Duke of Lust is relentless and makes Kaiden kidnap her and bring her to a summit meeting in Vegas and fecal matter hit the oscillator if you know what I mean.

So if you love the Sweet Trilogy like I do you WILL NOT be disappointed!

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