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One of my favorites reads of 2015! The Dark Ones by Rachel Van Dyken


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The Dark Ones by Rachel Van Dyken

Series: The Dark Ones Saga #1
: Paranormal Romance
Publication Date: September 20 2015

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To touch a Dark One is death.
To talk to an immortal is suicide.
Yet, I’ve been marked by both.
A Vampire.
And the King of the immortals.
My life is no longer my own.
And now I know the truth, my life was never mine to begin with.
It was theirs.
It’s always been theirs.

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My 5 star review of The Poppy Field Diary by Carey Richard

The Poppy Field Diary

The Poppy Field Diary by Carey Richard

Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publication Date: September 1, 2014


With the timeless story and heartfelt prose reminiscent of the works of Christina Baker Kline, Anthony Doerr and JoJo Moyes, award winning Carey Richard’s The Poppy Field Diary is a compelling journey into the human heart and the lengths to which we will go to preserve our most endearing relationships.
Sometimes it takes a moment . . . Sometimes it takes a lifetime . . . Sometimes a lifetime is not enough
In the summer of 1962 Nikita Khrushchev shipped medium-range nuclear missiles to Cuba. That summer she fell in love. While the United States withdrew from Vietnam, her oldest son trained for the buzkashi, the wild game of Afghan polo brought to her country by Genghis Khan. As the Russians invaded Afghanistan, her husband ran guns and opium through the Khyber Pass; as they retreated, she matched wits with a beautiful Czech spy. While the Taliban ravaged Kabul, she cared for a wounded bacha bereesh, an Afghan dancing boy. As the Twin Towers burned, she discovered one of life’s most precious secrets.
Professional Reviews
“In Richard’s poetic, introspective first novel, after an Afghan woman marries for love in a culture of arranged marriages and multiple wives, she begins a lifelong journey of self-discovery . . . Richard concludes each chapter with haiku-like poems, but his prose also sings lyrically . . . Despite the meditative nature of the narrative, historical action continuously looms in the background the Soviet collapse, factional warring, the rise of the Taliban, and the similarly timed attacks on the World Trade Center and mujahedeen leader Ahmad Shah Massoud.”
“A highly personal story that mines the psychology of betrayal and forgiveness.” -Kirkus Reviews
The descriptive passages were outstanding, very vivid, and the reader feels certain that they reflect the author’s experiences. The author knows the culture of Afghanistan and presents it in a sympathetic manner, rather than in the judgmental fashion that one might expect from a Western observer. I feel that my review does not do justice to this book. It is easy to read, it is thought-provoking, and it will stir your emotions. It is absolutely a wonderful book! -David Burnett for the Kindle Book Review
I was drawn into this book from the first chapter. -Samantha Dewitt for the Readers Favorite Review

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5 star review: Forever a Jett Girl by Meghan Quinn


ForeverJettGirlForever a Jett Girl by Meghan Quinn

Series: Bourbon Series #3
Genre: Adult Romance
Publication Date: June 1, 2015

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Justice. Faith. Power.
The words I live my life by, the three keys to my success, the foundation I built my entire empire on and now Goldie holds them all in the palm of her hands.
She once was a Jett Girl, a piece of me, a safety net I grew to depend on.
She once was mine…heart, body and soul.
But now she’s gone.
I fell for a girl I should have left alone. I let her consume my life, control my feelings and own every aspect of my being. I tried to keep her, to make her see what she was doing to me, to clue her in that breathing was impossible without her around.
But she ran, she gave up and she returned the one thing that claimed her as mine, she gave me back her collar.
This is the story of a desperate man who lost everything that ever mattered to him… my little one.

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Dark Instincts by Suzanne Wright Release Blitz and Character Interview


Dark Instincts

by Suzanne Wright

Phoenix Pack #4


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It happens whenever wolf shifter Roni Axton is near Marcus Fuller: a crackle of sexual awareness that’s intoxicating…and deeply annoying. Marcus is a pack enforcer who oozes power, but Roni is lethal in her own right—nothing like the flirty females who flock around him. Even still, his possessive gaze makes one thing clear. Marcus has singled her out for seduction, and he wants to make her sit up and beg.

No matter how aloof and unfazed Roni acts, Marcus can tell she wants him. When a brutal attack by a jackal pack forces them to work together, it’s the perfect opportunity for Marcus to chip away at her defenses—until he falls into his own trap, completely unprepared for the intensity of their connection. Roni is the only one who’s ever seen past his shifter charm and discovered the man hiding beneath it. And for Marcus, claiming Roni once will mean needing her forever

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New Favorite book! The Five Stages of Falling in Love by Rachel Higginson OUT NOW!

This book is live people!  *SQUEALS*  Cannot say enough good things about it.  YOU MUST READ IT!

The Five Stages of Falling in Love

by Rachel Higginson

Publication Date: January 27, 2015
Genre: Stand-alone contemporary romance


Elizabeth Carlson is living in the pits of hell- also known as grief.

Her husband of eight years, the father of her four children and the love of her life, died from cancer. Grady’s prognosis was grim, even from the start, but Liz never gave up hope he would survive. How could she, when he was everything to her?

Six months later, she is trying to pick up the pieces of her shattered life and get the kids to school on time. Both seem impossible. Everything seems impossible these days.

When Ben Tyler moves in next door, she is drowning in sorrow and pain, her children are acting out, and the house is falling apart. She has no time for curious new friends or unwanted help, but Ben gives her both. And he doesn’t just want to help her with yard work or cleaning the gutters. Ben wants more from Liz. More than she’s capable of ever giving again.

As Liz mourns her dead husband and works her way through the five stages of grief, she finds there’s more of her heart to give than she thought possible. And as new love takes hold, she peels away the guilt and heartache, and discovers there’s more to life than death.


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My 5 star review of Becoming a Jett Girl by Meghann Quinn


If you only read one book for the rest of the year you MUST read this one! Oh dang I was hooked from the very first sentence!

“Where the fuck are my titty tassels?”

This book was unputdowable. Soooo much better then those grey books if you know what I mean.

Goldie has been working as a waitress at New Orleans strip club for nine years. She works her ass off only to have her tips stolen and never be considered “good enough” to work the stage.

My Goldie

Only escape she gets is her strange relationship she has with Rex Titan. A very sexy handsome rich and powerful man. Two catches though. He is married and he pays her for sex.

When Jett Colby’s business cards start popping up around her she is a little upset about her invasion of privacy until her roommate Lydia tells her she is a fool to not become a Jett girl. Which entails all of her expenses paid as well as past debt. She finds herself desperate and finally calls the number in the card.

That is where she meets Kace (I sooooo love him! and hope he gets his own book someday). The super hot second man to Jett. She accepts his offer and that’s when she begins the whirlwind affair that is part of being a Jett girl.

My Kace

My Jett (RIP PAUL!)jett

She instantly becomes friends with Kace and the other Jett girls. An Hell together they cracked me up till where I almost peed my pants. I loved them girls.

“And your tit has been hanging out for the last ten minutes,” Babs said, while poking my bare breast.  I looked down and opened my mouth in shock. “How dare you come to the party uninvited? Bad titty!”

Jett is addicted to Goldie aka his Little One. With her petite frame and feisty mouth, Kace warns him he is getting in over his head.

Too late. He can’t get enough of her. But when Rex enters the picture everything changes.

She doesn’t know who to believe. She is forced to make a decision but will it be the right one?

My review of Bound by Night by Larissa Ione

Larissa’s new vampire series takes you on a roller coaster ride of epic proportions!

5 HUGE stars!

If you loved her Demonica and Lords of Deliverance series like I do you are going to LOVE this one.  Very original take on the well played vampire scene.  I was drawn from the very beginning and not once did I skim pages or get bored.  ACTION PACKED!

My review

Nicole life has always been full of struggles.  At age eight she witnessed her vampire nanny being murdered by his mate Riker and her family being attacked by their vampire servants where her mother and father are killed.  Twenty years later she is the CEO of her family’s company, Daedalus and a medical researcher specializing in vampire phycology.  Daedalus acquires, trains and sells vampire servants.

Shortly after taking on the role of CEO she finds herself kidnapped by the very vampire that lives in her nightmares…Riker.  They demand the release of a female vampire, Neriya.  A vampire midwife that Riker’s clan borrowed from rival clan ShadowSpawn. Without her safe return their clan will be forced to go to war with them.

Riker underestimated this female.  She was clever and surprised the hell out of him.  Stirring feelings that he hasn’t had since his deceased mate Terese.  His clan even likes her.

But when her company threatens the lives of countless vampires slaves she sides with evil.  Realizing the secrets that have been kept from her.  Together with RIker and his clan they attempt to free Neriya.  Things do not turn out as planned and they find their lives in jeopardy.  Not only from Daedalus but from rival clan ShadowSpawn.

Nicole makes a deal with ShadowSpawn in exchange for Riker’s safety.  Riker’s true feelings for Nicole come to surface but will it be too late for them and the future of his clan?

OMG I am hyperventilating impatiently waiting to read the next one!

My review of Dirty Angels (Dirty Angels #1) by Karina Halle

My Rating: 5 out of 5 stars!


Karina you have done it again!

God I love Javier. I don’t know if it’s his sensitive side or his bad boy image that makes his so damn appealing to me.

First off this book was dark and twisty but hey she warns you in the beginning.  The torture part actually made my stomach turn but man everyone else was AMAZEBALLS!!!

Javier Bernal is out of prison from the states.  Running his own cartel he decides to kidnap a rival cartels leader’s wife to gain access to a shipping lane.

Luisa Chavez is married to Salvador Reyes.  If you want to call it that.  The abuse that she endures is almost too much to handle and she would have ran away a long time ago if it wasn’t for her parents and the fear for their safety if she does.

After she is kidnapped she quickly realizes that being held hostage by Javier is a lot better than being married to Salvador. She can’t figure him out.  He never forces himself on her, and treats her almost like a house guest.  Slowly and painfully she lets her walls down.  Javier is drawn to her like he hasn’t been drawn to another in a long time and at the end of the week he does not know if he will be able to give her back to Salvador.

In the end he must risk his own life to save her…to make her his queen.

Review: Unravel by Calia Read

I have found my new favorite book.  THAT. WAS. EPIC. A billion stars!  Naomi, Lana, Max, Lachlan…I fell in love with all of them equally. It makes you realize that sometimes life isn’t fair and that everyone deals with pain differently.  Ok here is my review (spoiler free so I can’t tell you everything.) I really hope I did this story justice.

Naomi Carradine is a patient at Fairfax Mental Heath Institute..  Her past haunts her.  Everywhere she turns she see’s him.  The only thing solid in her life is Max and Lachlan.  Lachlan, her childhood love of her life and Max, her summer fling that mysteriously has stolen her heart. I think it’s best to break this story into three parts.  Her relationship with Lachlan, Lana and Max.  Brace yourself because here goes…

Lachlan Halstead

Growing up in McLean, Virginia, Naomi dreams of things little ten year old girls do.  Fireworks and tree houses.  Only thing is her family despises all of  those things. So one night she sneaks out with her horse Rumor to climb her neighbor’s tree house.  And that is when she meets Lachlan.  He catches her sneaking into his old tree house in the middle of the night.  Him being fifth teen has no use for it so he agrees to not tell on the kid.  Over the years their relationship grows.  Until he moves off to college and returns a man.  Their love for each other blossoms and when Naomi moves off to college of her own he promises to wait for her.


Call it what you want, but they are all the same. Each one requires you to give a piece of yourself that you will never get back.
But with the right person, everything will align perfectly. The world stops turning on its axis, time slows, and you realize that while you’re losing a piece of yourself, you’re also gaining something in return.
That’s how I will always feel with Lachlan.
He holds me and I know I’m safe.


Naomi meets Max at a party he is hosting.  A successful stockbroker that happens to be dashingly handsome.  Naomi cannot resist his charms.  The two quickly start a whirlwind affair.  The guilt she feels from betraying Lachlan is tangible.  I feel in love with Max instantly.  He is caring, intelligent and is crazy for Naomi.  But with the summer coming to an end will they be able to let each other go?

One more kiss. Was I delusional?
One more kiss from Max and I become voracious.
Lip Biting.
Bare skin touching.
Hands all over.
I wanted it all.

Her world shatters when one night upon returning from home Max’s she finds Lana being rapped by, let’s just say someone near and dear to her.  Naomi begs her to call the police but Lana is in denial and admits that she has been abused since she was ten.  She feels trapped with nowhere to go.


Lana is Naomi’s best friend and also the daughter of a prominent Virginal senator. Together they live with her parents for the summer until the one faithful day that Naomi discovers her secret she has been desperately trying to hide for years.  She talks Lana into moving into an apartment.  Lana is slowing losing touch with reality.

I crumbled to the ground and screamed, trying to erase Lana’s words.

“The pain’s never gonna leave”.

Max confronts her abuser and is thrown in jail.  The world is crumbling around her. The next thing she remembers is she is in the mental hospital telling her story to Dr. Rutledge.

I realized, then, that seeing Lana being raped had created a small crack in my sanity.  Each event after that made me fragile.  I was finally starting to shatter.  Everything was catching up to me and I broke into a million pieces.

The ending hits you like a brick wall.  It will leave you in tears and gasping for breath.

Review: Azagoth (1001 Dark Nights #6) by Larissa Ione


 photo cuteyeah_zps5096d1a1.gif


 photo ohyeah_zpsccab7479.gif


 photo dude_zps34260173.gif

This was soooo much fun to read!  I mean seriously I was grinning like a school girl from the moment I started until the very last page.

I am in love with Larissa’s books.  And to think she used to be a meteorologist? She will make you fall in love with the grim reaper I MEAN COME ON! She is that good lol.

Anyway here is my review and some of my favorite quotes.

Azagoth is the grim reaper.  Sent down to capture and disturbe souls to hell eons ago.  He also has a very interesting side job.  Making babies with angels.  He gets sent seventy two angels a yeah that regardless if they want to or not he has to bed them per heavens orders.  He hates it.  He is lonely.  So he basically gives heaven the go to hell and requests a mate.  Well Heaven is without a since of humor and sends him Lilliana.  A  time traveling, warrior angel.  Tough as nails.  Though she comes with an agenda of her own.  Steal the chronoglass so she can return back to heaven and be forgiven for her past regressions.

Only problem is grim reaper is H. O. T. She starts to see the softer side of him and realizes she doesn’t want to leave.  Too late he finds out her dirty little secret and well you have to read the rest to find out.  YOU HAVE TO READ THE REST! Whew too good for words.  I’m as happy as Christian Grey in a Fredrick’s of Hollywood.

“Lilliana turned around slowly. “What happened? You seemed so relaxed and happy when we were in the desert, like you were a normal person and not the Grim Reaper. Now you’re extra…reapy.”
She cleared her throat. “Also, you’ve sprouted horns.”

“One corner of his mouth twitched. “Should I consider that a warning?”
“Just don’t be surprised if you find yourself riding a bolt of lightning if you piss me off.”
“I’m into kinky shit, so that works.”

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